N no of Reasons

Users want to generate their own ads

Time Saving

It saves a lot of time

Easy to Use

It is user friendly.User can generate ads easily


Banner Ads

Available in Different Sizes

How it Runs?


As Advertiser you just Create your Campaign then create your Ad with type of Ad e.g. Banner, Text, Text/Banner. Your Created Ads will show when any Publisher will Generate a new Code for their website to display Ads. Your created Ads will automatically shown on their website randomly. You Just Follow below steps to create your Ad.

  1. Login into your Account.

  2. Select your profile type from the top left Menu as Advertiser.

  3. You can see your Statistics Chart below with fields like Spent Money, Clicks, Views, Daily Budget Spent, Daily Budget.

  4. First you can Add Money to create a Ad and see your Transactions History form the top right menu Deposit Management.

  5. After Adding the money then click on Ads Menu on the top bar then you can see three more sub menus like Manage Ads, New Ad, New Campaign.

    1. Manage Ads :- In this menu you can manage your Ads e.g. Change your Ad status Start/Pause with some more options like View Ads, Manage Campaign, Delete Campaign.

      • i. View Ads :- if you want to view your Ads list just click on View Ads link.

      • ii. Manage Campaign :- Update your Campaign click on Manage Campaign you can update your campaign name, Description, Budget and Status.
      • iii. Delete Campaign :- You can Delete you Campaign using this link.
    2. New Campaign :- New campaign just like a Ad Category where you can set your Ads Budget. This will use to create a New Ads.
    3. New Ad :- In this section you can create your New Ads using Campaign from drop down. One Campaign will create Multiple Ads. In New Ad you can set your Ad type e.g Banner, Text, Text/Banner. If any Publisher will Generate New Ad Code using Banner types Ads for Publish on their Website your Banners Ads Will Show on their websites randomly.
After Create your New Ad You can set your Ads Key Words and its Pay Per Click (PPC)


As Publisher you can Generate a new Code for display Advertisers Ads on your website and Earn money from the Ads. You Just Follow below steps to crate your Ad.

  1. Login into your Account.
  2. Select your profile type from the top left Menu as Publisher.
  3. You can see your Statistics Chart below with fields like Impressions, Clicks, Money (Earned).
  4. First you can create a new channel with Channel Name, Channel Description, Channel Domain.
  5. After add new channel go to Ads menu then click on Manage Channels after clicked on Manage Channels you can see your all channels list. Where you can perform some actions E.g. View Ads, Manage Channel, Delete Channel. Also you can see one more option on top right corner Create a new Channel.
  6. Now it’s time to create a New Ad for your Website Go to Ads menu Click on New Ad.
    • i. First you can Select Channel.
    • ii. Then Enter your ad title for statistics tracking.
    • iii. Next Select Ad Size.
    • iv. Select Ad Type E.g. Banner, Text, Text/Banner. That’s means which type of Ad You want to display on your Website.
    • v. You can also Design your Ad box with the help of Title Color, Link Color, Text Color, Background Color, Border Color.
  7. After add each information then click on Submit Button then you will Display some Code into pop-up. You Just Copy this Code and Paste into your Website where you can Display Advertisers Ads.